Ion Group

We provide practical, accessible and customised advice that you can act on immediately


You and your business are capable of achieving incredible things – but you can’t always do it alone. And that’s why ION Group exists.

We are the real deal. We are committed, involved and practical. We don’t write fancy reports and give you advice that is unachievable and expensive to implement. We believe strategy should be lived and actioned every day - not read and put into a drawer.

Business is challenging, exciting, frustrating, stressful, fun and dynamic - often in the same day! It can be a rollercoaster and it can flatline. It all depends on how you manage and lead your business every day, and how you handle change.

This is where businesses are made and broken - in the daily decisions.

And that is where ION Group can help.


We live to provide our clients with those 'A-HA!' moments. You know the ones - where you learn something new, and immediately wonder how your business ever lived without it. 

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Don’t let distance stop you! Learn at your own pace through one of our online Courses. Email us to learn more.


1:1 Custom Sessions

Work one on one with our Team and get the direction and support you need for your business strategy - you may even be eligible for a government grant! Inspiration guaranteed.

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Corporate Training

Custom solutions for teams seeking greater alignment, a clearer strategic focus or just some fresh ideas.


Our Team

Our Team is experienced and extremely passionate about transforming businesses and people. Find out what makes us tick…apart from the success of our clients of course!

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Group Workshops

Whether the connection is geographic or demographic, Group Workshops are powerful for creative development and building collaborations.


Crisis Management

Are you or your business facing a crisis right now? Don’t hesitate - we are extremely experienced and we can help!


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent … it is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”


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